Today’s, Warehouse Management System (WMS) is a vital management system with powerful mobile apps. It efficiently utilizes Warehouse resources including space, labour, equipment, tasks, material, shipping and receiving flow. Brilliant efficiently provide all logistics and supply chain management solutions.

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Brilliant provides Order Management System solution to configure Purchase and Sales Orders through multiple systems like e-commerce, order control system portal, OMS apps and direct orders. The requester can have the information of real-time stock available at various locations such as Factory, Warehouse and Distributors at the time of placing Order.

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Brilliant provides a very simple dispatch & delivery management solution. With the option to choose proper transporter, area or direction, it will become easier to focus on customer transactions. Invoices can be attached with dispatch date & time. Thus overdue reminder alerts could be generated.

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Brilliant provides best E-commerce software which lets you track and manage product inventory, maintain a database of stock and fulfilment of orders. It can be easily adjusted as per seasonal fluctuation, introduce scalability and reduces the total cost.

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An Education Management System (EMS) is tasked with keeping any educational institute running with the help of managing the students, operations and staff of that institute. An EMS is a repository for data collection, analyzing, processing and reporting of educational information including schools, students, teachers and staff.

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Customer Relationship Management is a customization of the needs of a company wise business strategy. It is designed to reduce costs and increase profitability. True CRM brings the information together from all data sources within an organization and from outside the organization to give one, holistic view of each customer in real time.

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Third Party Logistics providers play a major role in supply chain management. The aggressive business market demands price reduction and an expanded technique and performance. The scope of Warehousing has grown beyond storing of goods to presenting services like optimized stock control, forecasting, analysis and reports and documentation.

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Maged_Kamla We are very satisfied and happy to have found Brilliant as our offshore development partner. During our relationship, Brilliant has developed a good understanding of our own vision and workflows and found a way to successfully complement our operations without causing any discontinuities or issues on our side. Thanks for your continuous support in this regards. gwc_logo
Mr. Maged Kamal Director - Information Technology GWC
ledd_manager The Services at Brilliant is simply the best. What makes Brilliant so great is their attention to detail, availability and most importantly, their knowledge and expertise to deliver on time and according to requirements. Thanks to everyone at their team for making our projects exceed customer. ledd_logo
Mr. Mahesh Chelluri - Manager LEDD Technologies 
Jay Patel_WestCoast CEO Brilliant has a Wonderful & very talented Team. I am happy with their work & Support service. Brilliant used the USA time zone difference between us to their advantage and created a very interactive working relationship. Westcoast_logo
Mr. Jay Patel  Director Westcoast Warehousing LLC West Coast Trucking Inc
rodde_image “Brilliant team has consistently delivered levels of commitment, domain expertise, technical skills, reliability and quality of service, which have all contributed to the creation of an important part in our business.” supreme_image
Devid_imageBrilliant helped us go online for our business. It helped our employees, who work from home a lot. Accessing data from anywhere anytime is like a windfall to us. The tools to generate analytical reports etc work quickly. Also, managing our leads, payments and other customer satisfaction, this has indirectly increased our sales. It has helped us grow financially very well. Ngroup_image
David Cook,Project Manager , N Group Inc

rupali rokdeBrilliant helped us reduce our processing costs and expenses.The automation helped us increase production and production rate. It helped us increase our company size without increasing employees, so further cutting cost.I would recommend BRILLIANT because I like their dedication and commitment toward their job and accuracy, which makes a huge impact in long run

                           sankalpRupali Rokade,  Founder, Sankalp IAS Forum