To store your product in the warehouse is very expensive, to reduce the carrying costs of material and increase material handling efficiency in the warehouse. If you do some changes in your warehouse management then you can save a lot of money.

Following are some few tips to material handling to improve your warehouse activity.

  • Improve Inventory Management  & Forecasting Accuracy

Sometimes you get inaccurate forecasts to result in excess inventory that complicates warehouse inventory management. If currently, you are using the spreadsheet to generate forecasts, then you need to upgrade your system with the latest forecasting tools include better-fit algorithms and take seasonality and planned promotions into account. Advance forecasting will save money on inventory acquisition, handling costs and obsolescence.

An advance ERP (enterprise resource planning) as well as inventory management solution this helps you to generate inventory requirements and you can reduce on-hand inventory without reducing customer service levels or increasing stock-outs, Less inventory takes small space so your overall warehousing and storage management system performance will improve automatically.

  • Design Layout And Optimize Your Warehouse totally

Analyse your warehouse physical materials you need to store and material flow Then, slot to the warehouse to optimize storage. Frequently picked items you can store near the front side so it better to minimize travel time within the warehouse also small and large items should be stored in different racks so it is good to optimize shelve spacing and reduce the chance of losing the small items.


  • Use All The Space You Have Possible

Warehouse space management needs to thinking in multiple directions, including vertical. With the right industrial storage systems, you can also build up instead of adding more square footage. if you using all of the available vertical space then you can save your carrying costs, enabling a more effective warehouse design. The right way of the warehouse storage system can make better warehouse operational efficiency.