Sankalp IAS Forum

Sankalp Foundation is Mumbai’s one of the leading Philanthropic foundation, who work in Education Sector. They have branches Dadar, Thane and Pune, where students come from all over Maharashtra for training for IAS, MPSC, UPSC, Banking exams, JMFC and Defense services.

Sankalp teaches courses, which has a QA type of papers and the answers for these questions are chose from the given 4 options. As these are the competitive exams, they give importance to answering in minimum time around 45sec. While conducting classes, Sankalp’s lecturers had a hard time keeping track of answers from all the students in class and giving access to computers in the class was not possible due to space restrictions. Brilliant offered Sankalp Clickers.

Sankalp also wanted virtual classroom software for the distant students.

Sankalp also wanted to create Website, Institute Management System and Content Management System. Brilliant offered Website development which is SEO friendly and provided the system to manage online test series and quizzes.

Brilliant developed software to integrate the clickers and the hub. The clicker sends the signal and hub captures and stores it with the IP address of clickers and the time it received the signal.
Brilliant offered virtual classroom software, which has its own database. So managing students and scheduling them is no more a problem.

Sankalp chose Brilliant for these major features

  •  Ease-of-use: no special IT training or hardware requirements.
  • Reasonable price.
  • Clickers save time/money.
  • Can track students’ response time using clickers.
  • Clickers made sessions interactive.
  • Clickers made it easier for teachers, to know if students understand the topic.
  • Clickers made easier and faster to grade in-class quizzes.
  • Each student has his own password protected profile for virtual classroom.
  • Database of virtual classroom is saved and not shared with anyone.
  • Interactive whiteboards, markups, easy file sharing, centrally managed, interaction with CMS/LMS etc are key features of virtual classroom.

In addition to all these benefits, clickers has decreased the response time for answering, which increased competition and so the results of Sankalp.

 With the help of virtual classroom, it became easier to provide distant education.

 The simulation of actual online test has improved students’ enrollment in Sankalp. The online test series, quizzes, worksheets, flashcards, dashboard and results everything can be accessed from anywhere, anytime. These have improved students’ scores in actual test as per the Sankalp s’ database. The whole process has eliminated the need of manual testing and checking of each and every tests and quizzes. Chat-with-Teacher has benefitted lot of students.

 Institute Management System made it easier to keep track of fees, petty cash, library, sale/purchase, sales, invoices and users, which reduced the tedious work administrator has to do.

SEO friendly website has increased enrollment in Sankalp.