Telecom Company in GWC is one of the largest mobile phone network company in world. This document should help the business owners to verify that the expected business requirements are documented with correct understanding and is accurate and unambiguous.

GWC chose Brilliant for these major features

1)OMS E Commerce Services:

OMS accept the order details from Telecom Company in GWC. qa online store, and instantly reserve the procured stock (accordingly, current online inventory shall be decreased). Once Telecom Company in GWC team approves an order, this order shall be transferred to Information for further processing. Once the order is ready to be shipped, Information will inform OMS to inform the delivery dispatcher for allocating drivers/trucks If the order is rejected, the reserved quantity shall be released instantly. (Accordingly, the current online inventory shall be increased). Telecom Company in GWC team should be able to access OMS and add Virtual Inventory for the sake of accepting Pre-Orders. The Integration between OMS and Telecom Company in GWC online store is SOAP XML Web-services.

2) E Commerce Service: Telecom Company in GWC is able to get SKU Detail Enquiry with the help of interface called as E Commerce. By using E Commerce they only need to enter order type with SKU ID and within few seconds they are able to see the name, description, price of that SKU with available balance. With the help of E Commerce Telecom Company in GWC can take the orders from their customers, as customer found it easy to see how many products are available, in stock, out of stock, costing, discount by this online interface called as E Commerce.

3) OMS: Order Management System configuration allow admin to Configure Timer for Pre-Order and Business as usual order. Customer Master will have additional interface for Reason Code, which can be setup at customer and department level. New Field Reason type will be added for Rejection / Cancellation, New field Active / Inactive to be added. Department needs to be configured for Customer Analytics , If Customer Analytics is Yes the Approval Interface will have options to run the Business Analytics report. User Group Creation Setup need to be configured for adding new User Group.

4) Virtual Stock: Virtual stock will be used for Pre-Launch Order. Admin will manually search for the SKU where Virtual Stock to be updated with the help of virtual stock management. This include import and export of virtual stock. It can be exported to Excel as per their requirements. Email template facility is also available in case of virtual stock.

5) DMS: We have provided DMS app for Delivery Management System requirement. OMS web application shows dispatch interface with receipt number. With the help of DMS driver can check customer location, SKU details, SKU availability. Driver can access delivery management app without internet for delivery proof.

6) Scheduler: It became easier for Telecom Company in GWC to send email notification automatically to the customer regarding rejected order, cancelled order and out for delivery.

Telecom Company in GWC is satisfied by using Order management system with E Commerce. Telecom Company in GWC is using the system without any problems. Telecom Company in GWC is able to get the customer as well as Retails Store interface online. Integration of OMS with E Commerce is very useful to Telecom Company in GWC.