What Is Voice Picking?

Voice picking is an effective method for picking operations in warehouse and it is very easy to learn. It eliminates the need of workers with RF scanners or paper by translating picking orders through a headset. Pick to voice warehouse system allows the employee to pick through the warehouse with their hands and eyes completely free which increases productivity, accuracy and safety, and reduce time of training & damages.

How Warehouse Voice Picking Works?

In complex warehouses, there are multiple picking zones and locations. In such warehouses, pickers must be quick and accurate, a pick to voice system can be implemented to improve picking accuracy and the speed of the pick performed by the warehouse staff.
Pick to voice system allows warehouse workers to focus on the picking process without any paperwork and having both eyes and hands free to fulfill orders. The warehouse staff uses a headset and microphone by which they get voice directions, and verbally confirm their actions back to the system.
The warehouse operators need to regularly read back the last 2 or 3 digits of the item they have picked so the system framework can check whether the right item has been chosen or not. The warehouse management system (WMS) will then give upcoming instruction to the operator based on the algorithm in the WMS system.

Benefits of Voice Picking System:

Increase in productivity: With the help of pick to voice system, business productivity can get increased more than 35%.
Increases accuracy: Pick to voice system will increases accuracy and security up to 85% by reducing the chance of a mispick caused by looking away from the picking area.
Safety & Damages: As picker keeps their hands and eyes free all times, there are very low chances of injuries or damages caused by lifting an item for scanning product.
Reduces training time: This system reduces training time by 67% on average.