CRM Business application Plugins

Brilliant has ready to use Business Application Plug-ins like Inventory, Purchase, Planning, Projects, Export etc. which can be easily integrated as per your requirement.

bbInventory : The inventory module deals with all purchases, issuance of items and maintenance of stock availability. It is packed with a number of features like Monthly Tentative Stores Plan, Purchase Requisitions, GRN, Outward Challan – Outsource, Issue Note, Physical Stock Adjustment, Product Rejections Details, Inward From Customer (Sales Return), BOM Listing. The inventory module also facilitates a number of analytical reports useful for inventory module.

Finance : The Financial module is a complete accounting package in itself. It features for daily requirements ranging from day books, general ledger, schedule balances, trial balances income/expense statements and balance sheet accounts. The module also offers a strong portfolio of reports. Financial module also covers the transactions like Voucher Entry of Bank Receipt, Bank Payment, Cash Receipt, Cash Payment, Petty Cash Receipt, Petty Cash Payment, Loan Receipt, Loan Payment, Contra Voucher Purchase Invoice (Labor), Purchase / Sales / JV Voucher, Creditors Opening Bill Entries, Debtors Bill Entries and Fixed Asset Voucher Entry of New Purchase, Revaluation/Addition, Revaluation / Addition / Depreciation, Sale of Asset, Depreciation.

HR-Payroll : The Payroll module is designed for handling of remuneration / payment for employees / staff. It provides generations of pay slips, provident fund, statements, and ESIC statement. Various types of reports are available to represent the information generated.  Payroll module also covers the transactions like Payroll Formula –Grade wise Pay Inputs, Payroll Formula –Employee wise Pay Inputs, Payroll Formula –Miscellaneous monthly Pay Inputs, Payroll Formula –Pay Inputs Formula Collection, Employee wise Shift Allocation, Employee wise Leaves Allocation, Monthly Increment List, Increment / Promotion / Arrear, Swipe Card Upload, In-Out Timings, Monthly Attendance, Specific Earning / Deductions, Leave, Application, Leave Encashment, Advance Salary, Loan Details, Revoke, Previous Salary, Gratuity Register, Gratuity Payment, Pay Slip, OT Payment, Production Incentives, Employee Retirement / Dismissal / Resignation, Employee Current Status, PF Challan, ESIC Challan, Monthly Average Salary, Income Tax- Investment Declaration, Income Tax- Company TDS Details, Income Tax- Income From Salary, Income Tax- Deduction Under Chapter VI- A, Income Tax- NSC Investment, Income Tax- Rebate Under Chapter VIII (u/s 88), Income Tax- TDS Computation.

Production : Production module covers the transactions like Work Definition, Material Requisition, Cutting Plan, Material Plan (BOM), Trace Products, Production Work Sheet, Production Entry and also various types of reports are available like Pending Production Statement, In-Process Inspection Status, Material Receipts, Process Bill of Material (Routing Stages), Stock Valuation Statement and Scrap Statement.

Quality Control: Quality Control module covers the transactions like Inward Inspection Report, In process Inspection Report, Component Completion Report, Final Inspection Report, Product Inspection Report, Vendor Sample Inspection Report, Endurance Test Report, Moisture resistance test Report, Change Request Form, Corrective Action Report, Non Conformance Report, Test Certificate, Guarantee Certificate

Tender :Allow to enter the Tenders related information; Technical and financial Criteria, Bid Amounts, Documents related to bids.

Purchase :Purchase module covers transactions like Tentative Purchase Plan, Purchase Enquiry, Quotation Comparison, Purchase Order – Supplier, Purchase Order – Vendor, Purchase Order – Cancellation, Purchase Order – Adjustment, Purchase Invoice – Supplier, Purchase Invoice – Vendor, Issue ‘Forms’ against Purchase and also various types of reports are available to represent the information generated.

Excise : Excise module covers the transactions like Form A R E –I, Form RG 23 A Part I, RG 23 A Part II, Form RG 23 C Part I, RG 23 C Part II, TR 6 Challan Entry, Personal Ledger Account, RG I Stock Register, Credit Annexure – “IV”, Debit Annexure – “IV”, Credit Annexure – “V”, Debit Annexure – “V”, Excise Letters and also various types of reports are available like Annexure A, Form ER – 3, Form ER – 3 Details, Annexure IV, & Annexure V.

Documentation : Elegant CRM has integrated Document Management System . You will able store and search various documents like Project Specification Document.

Project : Elegant CRM project management plug-ins offer complete Project Planning & Monitoring tool for Labor and Non-Labor like tools, Materials, Capitals and provide various analytical reporting and dashboard for better functioning

Export : Export Documentation module covers the transactions like PC / PCFC, Pre-shipment Invoice, Cargo Transportation Details, Special Customs Invoice, GSP, BL / AWB Instructions, Post shipment Invoice, Bill of Exchange, Buyer / Bank Document Process, Realization Status, BRC, Document Status, Application for DEPB License, etc.



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