What is Droid?

A small robotic machine which comes in various shapes and sizes following commands & doing the tasks according to commands is called as Droid. They work on ground having capability to handle the weight of 10 to 13 kg within 20 to 30 minutes. Droid have the capability to capture pictures as well as videos from the areas where human is not reachable. Droid can climb down or up anywhere at any temperature. With the help of microphone droid can interact with customers. Global Positioning System helps organization which are using that specific droid to track its position between source and destination.

As per the traditional delivery system the delivery boys usually search for parking to park his vehicle. After parking the vehicle he go to the destination by walking. Rather than getting this double process and to avoid parking rates droid based delivery is more useful. This robot does not require space for parking as it does not require vehicle to reach from source to destination it can move from sidewalks by their feet or wheels. It is possible due to sensors interrupting foot traffic. Hence with the help of droid robot unmanned delivery by ground is possible.

Droid can travel by speed of 10 to 12 kilometers per hour. In order to decrease expense, increase speed, accuracy most of the companies are using droid robot. Using droid robot decreases environmental pollution because they do not emit any harmful gases like vehicles, work with low noise hence air and sound pollution gets lowered. Energy consumption of droid is equal to single light bulb so it is feasible to use droid robot for delivery purpose instead of a person using vehicle for delivery.

What Is Droid Robot?

A personal delivery device that uses sidewalks

9 cameras, 4 radars, 8 ultrasonic & other sensors

Navigates with  2cm precision

Monitored by human operators

Carries  10kg

Intelligent and safe

Droid Delivery

The smart robots are equipped with GPS and camera for navigation which carry groceries, food orders and packages, and deliver products within less time. These robots can reach a customer within half an hour, while traveling on the sidewalk at a safe speed of 4mph. With help of mobile App, Customers can track the progress of their delivery.

To ensure security, the robots are opened with a unique code known only to the customer. Droid robots use sensors to avoid obstacles and pedestrians on paths, promising not only safety but reduced congestion and emissions.

Advantages of Droid based Delivery:

  1. Increment in Business Turnover: By using droid based robot many companies found development in their business as customers are able to get their ordered products on time within same day, same hour. Retailers found increment in efficiency of their work.
  2. Cheating rate decreased: Human can cheat with their companies however robot does not have their own feelings as they give best results as compared to human. Any retailer can be 100% dependent on droid for delivery as there are no chances of cheating.
  3. Affordable For Local Businesses
  4. Reduced Pollution