Brilliant’s E-Governance Services

Brilliant’s Governance refers to the exercise of political, economic and administrative authority in the management of a country’s affairs, including citizen’s articulation of their interests and exercise of their legal rights and obligations.

Brilliant’s E-governance may be understood as the performance of this governance via the electronic medium in order to facilitate an efficient, speedy and transparent process of disseminating information to the public, and other agencies, and for performing government administration activities.

Brilliant’s E-governance is generally considered as a wider concept than e-government since it can bring about a change in the way how citizens relate to governments and to each other. E-governance can bring forth new concepts of citizenship, both in terms of citizen needs and responsibilities. Its objective is to engage, enable and empower the citizen.

Brilliant understands the importance of E-Governance (B-Gram Guide) is the software for Grampanchayat to maintain their all daily transactions. It also helps to maintain economic transactions and tally all cash books. It maintains all types of certificates like Birth, Death, and Marriage etc. It provides all information about members of Grampanchayat.

Brilliant Provides the following products of E- Governance

B- Gram Guide

B – Gram guide systems is comprise of three components

B-Gram Guide District Systems : This is Web-based Systems allowed Zillha Parishad Authorities CEO, Add CEO and Other authorities to generate reports for various Developments programs, Taxation and other financial activity district level, Taluka wise and Village Panchayat level

B-Gram Guide Taluka Panchyat Systems : This is Web based Systems allowed Panchayat Sameeti Authorities BDO, TPO and Other authorities to generate reports for various Developments programs, Taxation and other financial activity Taluka level and Village Wise.

B-Gram Guide Gram Panchyat Systems: B-Gram Guide is a ideal software for Grampanchayat. It is a complete solution for Grampanchayat. B-Gram guide is useful for daily transaction. It is very accurate in economic transactions of grampanchayat. It offers offline and Online connectivity with B-Gram Taluka Panchyat System

B-Gram guide Feature offered:

  • Multi User Systems
  • SMS Alert for Notices, Bills etc
  • Internal Backup – Automatic
  • External backup
  • Fully Develop in Marathi
  • Easy data entry mode
  • Import/ Export Facility
  • Namuna 1- 27
  • Single Entry Reflection for Namuna
  • Budgeting

Kiosk ( B-Sparsh)

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Features and Benefits

  • B-Sparsh Kiosk – for optimized presentations.
  • B-Sparsh Kiosk interface creates user friendly experience for people of all ages, educational and commercial institutes.
  • Retail information B-Sparsh kiosks assist users in making smarter buying decision, creating more loyal customers.
  • B-Sparsh Kiosks in any environment increase public awareness and save labor overhead.
  • Printing-on-demand option for information B-Sparsh kiosks saves reprinted forms costs.
    Targeted loyalty offers or special promotions to improve customer service and sales.

Return on Investment

  • Self-service kiosks reduce costs by lowering employee headcount.
  • Improves customer retention rate.
  • Reduced costs for basic service levels.
  • Reduces waiting time.
  • Virtual sales assistant increases sales.

Self-Service goes to school

Kiosks on campus can automate repetitive tasks, eliminate paperwork, save human time and effort improve life for both students and faculty, and distribute information in an extremely efficient manner.

How can a KIOSK solution help you?

Automate Financial transactions campus-wide.

Communicate Academic calendar and course schedule information with students

Connect Students with register, brochure and financial and schedules.

Deliver on-demand information like printable campus maps and schedules.

Keep Students and faculty in touch with an interactive staff directory.

Provide a complete course catalog with interactive registration information.

Advantages to staff members

  • Automated student attendance
  • Computerized management of marks and grades
  • Publish article for others
  • Homework assignment to students
  • Better organization of school activities

Here are just a few of the applications KIOSK can bring to your campus through self-service:

  • Course descriptions and availability catalog
  • Faculty directory
  • Interactive academic calendar
  • Online transaction with built- in receipt printing
  • Personalized course schedules, academic records and billing information for students
  • Printable campus point-to-point way finding directory.
  • Real-time connection with register, brochure and financial aid offices.
  • Self-service distribution of network credentials and password resets.
  • Validation of student IDs in order to enter exam rooms. 

Advantages to student

  • View own attendance
  • View time table in advance
  • Publish article to share knowledge, experience and views
  • View current events and holidays at school
  • Get connected with alumni to gain from their vast and varied experiences.
  • Access to photos and videos of college functions.


e-Panchayat is Web Deployed version of B-Gram Guide With following added functionality.


  • SMS Facility.
  • Internet through fill the tax facility.
  • Complaints registration and Solved complaints information provided facility.
  • Internet through all types information provided facility(Birth , Death, Marriage, construction permission Certificate.)
  • Gram-Panchayat, Panchayat Samiti, Zilha Parishad related all work & higher level verification.

Expected Benefits

  • Online Monitoring of Rural Development Schemes up to Panchayat Level.
  • Compilation of Basic Information of Gram Panchayats Facilitating Enhanced Decision Making Using Advanced Technologies Like GIS etc.
  • Collection & Compilation of Data Regarding Gram Panchayat Resources.
  • Collection & Compilation of Data Regarding Financial Resources & Income Sources of Gram Panchayats.
  • Online Monitoring of Beneficiary Schemes.
  • Compilation of Gram Panchayat Funds Received Through Govt. Aid, People’s Participation & Donation.
  • Online Monitoring of Employement Generation Schemes.
  • Better Transparency on Beneficiary Schemes & Employment Generation Schemes.
  • Updated Information on Other Govt. Schemes.
  • Compilation of Data Regarding Work Schemes, Administrative Management & Accounts.

Gram Panchayat Administration

  • Minutes of Meetings.
  • Schedules of Gram Sabhas
  • Agebda update.
  • Certificate, Licence etc.
  • bill payments.
  • Gram Panchayat Meeting Management
  • Registration of Birth and Death or Marriage Certificate etc.
  • Assets Management and property tax assessments

B-Tax Collector

tax collector

  •  A Hand held device to collect Tax in Grampanchyat.
  • B-Gram Collector is a Hand-Held Electronic Device through which Namuna 9–Bill and Notice can be generated.
  • All Information regarding Property Registration (Namuna No.8) and Tax demand (Namuna No.9) with updated data.
  • Facilitate tax return as per Property Owner (Khatedar) and automatically generate Tax Receipt (Namuna No. 10).
  • Efficient Tax Collection with Transparency from Grampanchyat.

These devices can be used by “Grampanchayat Clerks” to issue Bills & Notices for particular Khatedar or Property Number, supporting printouts (in Marathi) Unicode can be generated.

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