Kiosk (B-Sparsh)

  • B-Sparsh Kiosk – for optimized presentations.
  • B-Sparsh Kiosk interface creates user friendly experience for people of all ages, educational and commercial institutes.
  • Retail information B-Sparsh kiosks assist users in making smarter buying decision, creating more loyal customers.
  • B-Sparsh Kiosks in any environment increase public awareness and save labor overhead.
  • Printing-on-demand option for information B-Sparsh kiosks saves preprinted forms costs.
  • Targeted loyalty offers or special promotions to improve customer service and sales.

Return On investment

  • Self-service kiosks reduce costs by lowering employee headcount.
  • Improves customer retention rate.
  • Reduced costs for basic service levels.
  • Reduces waiting time.
  • Virtual sales assistant increases sales.