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Learning Management SystemBrilliant Offer Learning Management System (LMS) where you can configure your own e-learning course with videos, Online Test, Flash cards, Analytical Reports, Student enrollment, Online Payments, Payment through Coupons, Teacher student communication through Skype, Partner and franchise management.
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Brilliant’s Learning Management System (LMS) provides two modules which are Admin module and student module, admin module configures questions, quizzes, online tests, etc while student module provides features like give online test, and know their performance.

Admin Module

Course Configuration : This helps admin to configure courses, products and their price and duration. In this admin can assign different resources to  different courses.

Resource Management : This helps admin to assign resources like question bank, tests, quizzes, flashcards, worksheets and videos to the courses. It also helps to edit/ delete them.

Employee Portal / Registration : This helps admin to manage the registration of partners, teachers and students.

Teacher Management : This helps admin to manage teachers. It helps to add/edit teachers. In this teacher is able to check their students performance and reply to students queries.

Coupon Management : In this admin can generate discount coupons for different courses and allocate to partners, teachers or individual students. He can activate and deactivate the coupon and see the reports related to coupon.

MIS Report : This report is generated on all the users.. It helps admin to check to recognise, our services and growth .The reflection of how many students users signed in, how many have expired, how many are active users etc..

Fees Management : This helps admin to manage the online transactions the students commit to sign in to the system. This manages the online payment portal and students course fee related operations.

Chat / Skype Call : This option is chosen from available chat rooms or created new if customer requests so. This chat room is used by teachers and students to solve their queries. This helps the students to chat with the assigned teachers about their queries.

Inbox : Teacher / councilor can view the query posted by Students and post the reply.

Partner Management : This helps admin to manage partner. It helps to add/edit partner.

User Module

Dashboard : The dashboard gives a quick look at the progress of the student, where he lacks, which are his strong subjects, which he needs to work on, how many assignments he has completed, what are his scores etc and also his subscription info.

Methodology : Brilliant Learning Management System platform offer unique Methodology for online preparation.  It access the student through Assessment test and generate study plan based on the assessment. System track the student progress and can generate Score projection and learning history.

Post Query – Inbox : student can ask the query and view the response posted by Teachers and Councilor.

Chat / Call with Teacher / Councilor : Student can setup Skype Call / Chat with teacher / councilors

E – Learning Videos : The videos are generated or recorded, as per the customers’ need. These are arranged as per the subjects. The student can view them as per his convenience.

Quiz : The quizzes are configured by the admin in resource management. The student can take them whenever he wants.

Flashcards: These also are configured by the admin in resource management. They contain the quick formulas, words meaning etc.

Worksheet : These are the question papers not timed and can be solved offline.

Online Test series : These are the timed tests, which are simulation of the actual test. They are timed and scored; reports are generated on these tests.

Smart Reports

1.Detailed Report : This reports student’s progress in details.

  • Range Report : This details student’s progress as per the range.
  • Section Wise Report : This reports student’s progress section-wise.

2.Analysis Report : This reports student’s progress with complete analysis.

  • Difficulty Level Report: This reports student’s progress as per the difficulty level.
  • Topic Wise Report : This reports student’s progress topic-wise.
  • Time Performance : This reports student’s progress as per the time he took for each question.

3.Trend Analysis :This reports student’s progress as per the trend he has employed.

  • Comparison With Topper : This reports student’s progress by comparing with  the topper.
  • Test by Test Comparison : This reports student’s progress by comparing the tests he has appeared.
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