The most crucial part for any Supply Chain Management System to become more successful is “Inbound and Outbound process” in Logistics. Initially accurate reporting Inventory is necessary after receiving it in order to maintain accurate record. Likewise outbound process has same importance for completing shipment otherwise it might not arrive on time or received by wrong recipient.

Inbound Process:

  1. Pre Receipt Notification, Recording and Tracking:

    Receipts have name of item, their quantity, Its UOM (Unit of Measurement) and all the information related to that specific item. Serial no, Lot no, manufacturing and expiration dates, statuses of various inventory statuses, rules of default receipt status these elements should be tracked. For getting speedy inbound process we need to reduce entering the information manually. Pre receipt process is regarding automation

  2. Load Arrival:

    Most of the companies working in supply chain management plans preliminary inbound in order to complete every Logistics Service. There is no possibility for error as the information of all receipts is entered automatically within few minutes like reserving docks, area to stag, advance appointments.

  3. Bar Coded Information:

    Barcoding is specifically concatenation of store and register id, date, transaction incrementer for that specific store or register. With the help of all the data mentioned hash function has been applied to it and it appears in the same pattern so that all the data regarding date, store and register name kept secret.

  4. Tracking: This includes tracking of License Plates of the trucks. RFID Insider is used for this tracking purposes.
  5. Put Away: Put away is finally moving the goods to their destination. It include serial no and lot no information.


Outbound Process:

  1. Quality Check:
    This is one of the most important process in inbound as well as outbound. Some products have their expiry dates. Hence this is one of the crucial part of outbound process so that customer would be able to get best product in case of its quality.
  2. Sales Order: Sales order is an indication for the customer that he is ready to purchase products.
  3. Pick and Pack:Discrete order picking, batch picking, wave picking, zone picking, forward picking process for TL & LTL shipments, cluster pick, paper based pick and pack these are some picking methods used for outbound.

            However in packing items are prepared for shipment by gathering them and         packaging.

  1. Basically outbound process is related to downloading the order, its release, pick, pack and shipping.