Now a days, most of people are familiar with the term e-commerce and this is because of the popular online retail stores like Flip-kart, Amazon, eBay and many more. E-commerce means electronic commerce in which, a vendor can sell his or her products by displaying the pictures and customers can buy through online payment. This is the basic definition but with changing in time, the technology needs to update so as to maintain the customer’s interest as well as to exist in the competitive world.

Here are some latest e-commerce trends which are already in use and some of them will be used in future

1.Storefront Digitizing

Storefront digitizing means an imaginary mirror in which customer can see and visualize their look by wearing a particular outfit. Customers don’t need to really wear it. In order to make an impact even more to customers, companies like eBay, Walmart have started the Storefront Digitizing. They use the memory mirror technology in which the mirror is able to store their information, their likes and dislikes, and accordingly can interact with customers later if a particular product arrives, say of particular size and color. This technology is going to offer reduction in returns to a greater extent.

2. Chatbot

Chabot were in picture since many years ago but the technology has updated to much better in terms of processing speeds and giving response to contextual awareness. As there is faster speed, it enables the human interaction only when extremely needed. The bot acts very friendly than formal talk like a business person.

3.Direct Social Media Purchase

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest are already into this move and successfully covering the sales over 70 percent. The customers need to only click the ‘Buy now’ button directly from the site’s page and proceed for online payment.

4.Drone and Droid Delivery

The Ministry of Civil Aviation recently announced the India’s first drone policy that will enable the safe and commercial usage of drones from 1st December 2018

Drones were introduced many years back in military sector but nobody has ever imagined that they are going to deliver products to particular addresses. Yes, it is one of the most pioneering technologies in E-Commerce.

Drones can carry items of up to 2 pounds. Although, most parts of the world haven’t widely accepted this concept yet and the testing is still going on, but one thing is very clear that there will be a time when same-hour shipping would be a reality.

A Droid is a small robotic machine which follows the commands and does the tasks accordingly. It move on the ground on the pedestrian lane and can climb up and down the stairs. Droids also have a GPS tracking between the source and destination.