Every warehouse needs to update their warehouses with the latest technology of picking and putting, to increase your order picking productivity and boost accuracy there are the different type of technology is present in the market if you look other warehouses they are using that type of new technology to increase their business.

Now we are talking about the services they help you to increase your business, in our list, there is two important and new technology currently using in the warehouse system. pick-to-light and put-to-light. those methods help you to automate warehouse process these technologies help automate warehouse processes and offer a more efficient and lower cost solution over manual picking methods.

Pick-to-Light System

this system is used to find out the product location with the specific light displays .so it easier to warehouse operators to find out the product location and also operator to know which product be taken to pick and how many of the product.

this system is highly flexible and the technology comes with the control, ability to plan and analyse the volume of the order picked.

let see the benefits of the pick-to-light system

  • Better accountability
  • Real-time product or order sorting
  • Increased picking productivity
  • reduce the need for paper pick lists, labels
  • Easy to use, only requiring operator training
  • Productivity and accuracy tracking of individual pickers
  • High-speed order sorting capability
  • Lower cost operation
  • Ideal for smaller but consistent daily orders
  • Requires less floor space

Nowadays everyone is using this pick-to-light system to improve their warehouse picking productivity, better accountability new evolving technology in the warehouse using pick-to-light is also a low-cost beneficial technology to improve your business and easy to perform all activity in the warehouse. Brilliant Info System Pvt.Ltd provides the best warehouse management system software to easily manage warehouse activity.