Brilliant Order Management System

Brilliant provides Order Management System solution to configure Sales and Purchase Order through multiple systems like e-commerce, order control system portal, OMS apps, and direct orders. Requester can have the information of real time stock available at various locations such as Factory, Warehouse and Distributors at the time of placing Order. The order management system is designed to easily integrate with your existing systems. The Customer Order Management System is integrated with Email & Document Management Systems along with customized dashboards and reports to meet your requirements.

Powerful Integrated Mobile Apps: OMS mobile apps

Brilliant Offer Mobile App for online order management System. Requestor can use this application to issue the Sales or Purchase Order and Approver use this app to approve the Order. Users can also attach documents on the fly. Requestor can check the real time stock availability at various locations when placing orders using the OMS application. User can also track the order using this app.



Advantages of Brilliant Order Management Software:

Accurate Inventory

With integration to stock levels, clients and customers can be confident they’re simply ordering products with availability. If products are out of inventory, you may display when it will be available so that customers can plan accordingly.If data is constantly up to date and available about the products with the highest selling costs and their real time availability, you can easily control your reorders efficiently. This can have the advantage of freeing up warehousing cost and space.

Tracking Orders

brilliant’s best Order management software system moves beyond just ordering products. With warehouse integration you may get information of which product was ordered and status of that order.

Key Features of Brilliant Order Management Software:  

  • Multi-channel Orders
  • Multi-level approvals
  • User friendly Order Management Mobile App
  • Configurable Email & SMS Templates
  • Multi-location orders
  • Multiple Payment Options
  • Sales Order & Purchase Order Management
  • Configurable Role & Workflow Management
  • User specific Inbox & Dashboard
  • Integration with WMS ,  E-Commerce & Delivery

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