Brilliant Info Systems offers Following Services

Business Consulting

BISPL specializes in providing the consulting for developing the software that enhances the way your company does business. Our consulting services offering include :

  • Business Consulting
  • Technology Consulting
  • Knowledge management Consulting

E - Governance

Governance refers to the exercise of political, economic and administrative authority in the management of a country’s affairs, including citizen’s articulation of their interests and exercise of their legal rights and obligations.

E-governance may be understood as the performance of this governance via the electronic medium in order to facilitate an efficient, speedy and transparent process of disseminating information to the public, and other agencies, and for performing government administration activities.

Multimedia Services

The multimedia services area is a fast-moving business and technology environment that builds on many different architectures. Under multimedia services Brilliant provides video editing , corporate presentation,website development and e learning.

Multimedia services are now commonly used in various activities in the daily lives of humans. Related application areas include services that allow access to large depositories of information, digital libraries, e-learning and e-education, e-government and e-governance, e-commerce and e-auctions, e-entertainment, e-health and e-medicine, and e-legal services, as well as their mobile counterparts. Despite the tremendous growth of multimedia services over the recent years, there is an increasing demand for their further development.

BISPL Offers Following Multimedia Services

  • Website Development
  • Corporate Presentation
  • E – Learning
  • Video Editing