Delivery Management Systems

Brilliant provides a very simple dispatch & delivery management solution. With option to choose proper transporter, area or direction, it will become easier to focus on customer transactions. Invoices can be attached with dispatch date & time. Thus overdue reminder alerts could be generated.

Why use Delivery Management System?

Delivery Management System provide easier interface to assign and manager order while dispatch process. It helps to build better relationship with the customers. DMS makes it easier to manage your deliveries with route tracking.

About Brilliant’s Delivery Management System

Brilliant’s Online Delivery Tracking Software provides accurate delivery of order to the customer. Once an order is assigned to the driver through any tracking device, driver can log into the mobile app and retrieve customer information along with customer name, mobile number and location. The driver can also view the applicable product information and instructions. Once the driver views delivery details of an order upon accomplishing the customer’s address, can make payment verification with help of mobile app. Brilliant’s Delivery Tracking Mobile application allows the driver to update the transport status of the delivery without having internet and that order will be updated into the system when the driver will go into internet range.

Powerful Integrated DMS Mobile App:

DMS app
Brilliant gives an Online Delivery Tracking mobile app to facilitate efficient delivery of the product. Deliveries can be expedited primarily based on the categories defined, as Regular, Prime or Express.

Online Delivery Tracking System software tracks the status of an individual order. Mobile apps are available on different platforms where drivers can login and view dashboard for updates on task for the day, update the delivery status as picked, in-process or delivered. Brilliant’s Delivery Tracking mobile app can capture the requestor’s photo id, take digital signature, do credit card verification and update cash on delivery.

Brilliant Info System provides Delivery Tracking Mobile App which can work offline. If the driver have to deliver any product in an area which is outside the internet range, he can take the prof of delivery and update the status of an order whether it is Delivered or Returned. Color coding available to check status of an order like green color shows delivered order, Gray color shows returned order however Red color shows that order is pending for delivery.

Benefits Brilliant’s Delivery Software :

Real time tracking: With delivery management software, you can track Real-time location of drivers

Smooth allotment and managing orders is possible: Registering orders of customers and assigning them to appropriate drivers can be executed with the help of Delivery Management System – automated analytics as well as reports used to help monitoring overall performance.

Improved relationship with customers: It is possible to keep the customers constantly in the touch with the help of notifications throughout process of delivery.

Key Features of Brilliant’s Transportation Management System :

  • Powerful Mobile Apps
  • Dispatch tasks to driver in real-time without having to be in office
  • Collect proof of delivery and other information within the task
  • Integrated Document Management System with Inbox
  • Warehouse wise dispatch management.
  • Options to auto calculate delivery charges against every transaction as per the charges defined in masters.
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