At Brilliant we are committed to working alongside your team to establish a loginproductive and effective relationship. With a clear and innovative approach, our experienced professionals will personalize our approach to ensure the effective delivery of services, 24×7.

Brilliant offer  a full complement of Services and Support to ensure your success. Rather than letting customers struggle with reactive problem solving on their own, Brilliant Services and Support offer proactive problem avoidance. Our experts focus on knowledge-transfer so customers can achieve lower cost of ownership and higher satisfaction.

 Brilliant with its well defined process and home grown Ticketing system offer excellent ,High quality and in time services to its customer.

Ticket Request Flow :-
Support Policy Descriptions:-

Brilliant offer the following communication mechanisms for the customer to use when asking for support: Brilliant support to Customer is subject to client compliance with the following:

  • Customer shall provide Brilliant with access to Client personnel and the environment
  • Customer shall document and promptly report all errors or malfunctions of the Software to Brilliant.
  • Customer shall maintain a current backup copy of all Software and related data.
Scope for Customer support includes:-
  • Corrections of material and/or defects as reported by client from time to time.
  • Periodic manual or automatic updates of the Application that may incorporate.
  • Corrections of any material and/or substantial defects.
  • Fixes of any minor bugs provided by Client.
  • At the sole discretion of Vendor, enhancements to the Application that provide additional functional capabilities to the Application.
Telephone Support:-

Customer can call Brilliant Customer Support No @ +91-20-64010923 during regular business hours (9.30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. IST Monday-Friday) to assist customer in reporting errors and in providing first-line support in the use and operation of the Application.

 Internet Email / Skype Chat :

Customer can also send email about their issues on or contact Brilliant Support executive through Skype @ Danny.B307

Online Ticketing System:-

Brilliant create customer user credential on its Customer support Portals. Customer can click and login to the support portal to raised the ticket , Check the Ticket status and refer to the Knowledge base etc.

Issue Priority ( Classification) :-

Brilliant offer   reasonable effort to provide modifications or additions to correct errors in the applications reported by Customer under the conditions described, Brilliant will assign a priority level as determined by the customer to the error according to the following criteria:
Brilliant classify the Request as Level 1 ,  Level 2 & Level 3 and based on the category the Service level Agreement for the support will be established with the customer.

 A.   Level 1 :-

“Level 1” means that the Software is not functioning. Some examples of Level 1 errors are as follows:

  • Application is down impacting the production environment.
  • Application is not able to communicate with external systems so that on-line and other processing are halted.
  • Application is generating a data corruption condition that halts on-line and other processing.
 B .  Level  2:-

“Level 2” means that the Application is running but Client is unable to use a major feature or functional component of the Software.

Some examples of Level 2 errors are as follows:

  • Intermittent errors in the Software.
  • A major feature or functional component of the Software is unavailable.
C.  Level 3 :-

“Level 3” means that the Software is operating close to normal, but there is a non-critical Program Error for which either a temporary fix exists but has not been made available to Client and vendor is in the process of creating such a fix or other work-around.

General service Level Agreement:-
Severity of the Programming Error  Maximum Response time Escalation to V.P. /  Director Repair Time – Goals On Time Goal
Level One 01 Hours 02 Hours 04 Hours 85 %
Level Two 04 Hours 06 Hours 1.5 Days 85 %
Level Three 01 Days 04 Days 03 Days 85 %

Ensuring customer productivity is maintained is dependent on our support team being reliable and knowledgeable.
We strive to take customer support to the highest possible standard, as part of our commitment to ensure you are able to do what you do best – focus on your business.