WMS Business Application Plug-in

 Brilliant’s Warehousing and distribution functions within companies experiencing growth can face monumental scalability challenges. Without the proper Warehouse Management System (WMS) technology, a mid-sized to large distribution center can suffer from inefficiencies and unrealized productivity.

If you needs to retain your business logic legacy modernization is the solution. We extensive real world large project experience. Under Legacy transition we offer

  • Platform, language and database migrations.
  • Field expansion, name changes, SSN replacement.
  • Server, application and data center consolidation.
  • Mergers and acquisitions.

We are in following hardware/software technologies

  • Platforms – UNISYS / IBM Mainframe (z/OS, VSE), BULL, AS400, UNISYS, UNIX, LINUX, SUN MTS, Micrfocus MTO and WINDOWS.
  • Languages – BAL, COBOL, RPG, MANTIS, EASYTRIEVE, JAVA, 4GL (ADS-O, LINC, Mapper) and VB.
  • Transaction Processing – CICS, TUXEDO, TP8, IDMS-DC, and .NET.
  • Databases – DB2, ORACLE, SQL-Server, DataCom, DMS, IDS, IDMS, IMS, Sybase and VSAM.
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