Warehouse management: Sales Module

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The WMS Sales Pricing module is designed to calculate retail sales prices for all plans and options by community. It utilizes current assemblies or template estimates from Estimating and current default suppliers and costs from the Purchasing module to generate pricing worksheets with up-to-the-minute cost data for calculating sales prices. Sales pricing is utilized either by applying a markup percentage to the cost data or by entering a market sales price in the program. The margin amount and margin percentage is automatically calculated, eliminating the need to maintain separate sales price spreadsheets or databases. The Sales Pricing module can also be used to play ”what if” scenarios for future pricing. Information can be exchanged between the WMS modules and Sales Automation Software (Sales Center) via the Sales Pricing Module.  This information includes:

  • Community Information
  • Lot Inventory
  • Base Plan/Option Selling Prices
  • Sales Category information