3 Major Mistakes In Warehouse… That Cost Too Much To Make

A warehouse is an essential part of the supply chain and a profitable business — if that warehouse is not making mistakes that turn it into a liability. Nobody deliberately makes mistakes in business if they are interested in making that business successful, but often mistakes are the result of an attempt to save time or money. Warehouse management has to avoid the mistakes of ignoring housekeeping, skipping training, and rejecting software. The penalty of making these mistakes costs more than a business can afford.

Ignoring Housekeeping

A warehouse is a dangerous place. Large shipments are unpacked and stored in Big shelves, labours are frequently moving through the space to access inventory, and things get confuse. Ignoring regular housekeeping causes safety hazards in the form of clutter and chaos.


But a tidy warehouse can still be ignoring housekeeping when the layout is not wisely planned for the actual tasks involved. Efficient warehouses are planned carefully and set up logically for optimal operations. They are maintained and updated as often as necessary. Spending time and money here keeps the costs of accidents, missed shipments, and order snafus from affecting the bottom line.


Skipping Training

Staffs that sees how they can have a future working in a warehouse are more motivated to develop new skills. Employees need to be confident using the tools of their trade and see how their job is valued.

Regular training and career opportunities keep valuable people on the payroll. Processes are efficient and profitable. There is also less money spent on finding new workers to replace those who have moved on to better jobs.


Rejecting Software

An astonishing number of warehouses make the mistake of sticking to the familiar use of paper to keep track of what is going on. Warehouse Management System Software might seem like an unnecessary expense, but a free demo can show the effect and benefits, where this investment will pay big dividends.