Third-Party Logistics (3PL)?

Third Party Logistics providers play a major role in the supply chain management. The aggressive business market demands price reduction and an expanded technique and performance. Scope of Warehousing has grown beyond storing of goods to presenting services like optimized stock control, forecasting, analysis and reports, documentation.

About Brilliant Third Party Logistic Management Systems:third party logistics

Managing multiple clients which can be catering to a number of industries increases the extent of operational complexities. Stock managing, Picking, Placing, Material handling, documenting, inventory, forecasting; 3PL provider manage activities and Brilliant’s WMS 3PL Software solution supports all. Brilliant’s Third Party Warehouse Management System enables the 3PL companies to successfully manage its clients and their requirements.

with use of Brilliant’s 3PL Solution, Third party logistic providers can setup the cost model for different activities and can further customize distinctive pricing for every customer with options for price configurations and discounts. The billing setup can makes use of this facts to create the billing schedule and executes the 3PL billing. Clients can be billed for storage, initial monthly storage and much more.

Brilliant 3PL Challenges into Profitability

3PL Management is very challenging. Brilliant’s 3rd party logistics Software is designed to control your 3pl warehouse operations with a 3pl software which is adaptable to fulfill your requirements. The software program allows you to generate greater sales for your third party logistics operations and unexpectedly includes your value added offerings to the invoice. Administer control over your operations with minimal team of workers and take correct decisions the usage of Brilliant’s 3PL warehouse management solution.

Benefits of Brilliant  3PL Software Solution:

Brilliant’s 3PL Software is designed to handle a number of clients and operations. The 3PL’s easy to use suite helps make third party logistics operations profitable. The software aides in all of your documentation and 3pl billing. Our 3PL software reduces errors via automating billing.

  • Higher accuracy
  • Replenishment alerts
  • Designed to accommodate your need to meet the market demands
  • Web-based visibility for all customers

Important Features of Brilliant 3PL Software:

  • Billing methods fully configurable for each customer and product
  • User Specific Reports & Dashboard
  • Labor & Performance Management