Education Management SystemAs an outcome of vast experience in web industry, we have discovered that in spite of best efforts to have a good website up and running, after a certain period visitors find the content out-dated and loose interest over a period of time. This is mainly because of lack of technical know-how and time from client’s part about content updation. Besides, having an in-house content team guided by experts would cost whopping amounts and may not be economical for small or middle-sized businesses.

Graphic Impressions has eliminated this obstacle for it’s clients by implementing custom made content management systems (CMS) for websites. This gives a simple user-friendly interface to clients and updating the website content is as easy as working in text editor like MS Word.

Brilliant CMS is an educational content management and web authoring system giving you 100% control over ALL content and creative aspects of your website. Using Brilliant content management system you can be able to create, delete, edit and organize your web pages.

Features Of CMS

  • Pages can be created and edited within an easy-to-use Word-like editor
  • Able to create new pages and design elements with ease
  • Intranet Groups, Create an unlimited number of password-protected pages
  • No need to install or download software, no compatibility issue.
  • All members can contribute content to website, even if they have no technical background
  • New web pages can easily added (template-driven architecture and site-wide CSS style sheets)
  • Website pages can be save, hidden, and un-hidden for later re-use
  • Easily upload and manage all the types of files used within your website
  • Supports formatted files (PDF, DOC, other), images, video, and audio files
  • Teacher profile updation, manage time-table, display results etc