Institute management system

Institute Management System

We offer a school administrative software leader for schools and institutes our student information system will help your school manage student and staff data, streamline administrative tasks, maximize school-to-home communication and inspire student performance and success.
Whether your school is private, public, Brilliants Software offers packages that meet all of your student data management requirements. Our unique, integrated modular design creates a seamless flow of data throughout your school and ensures that you only purchase what you need. We offer solutions for every area of your school
Our intuitive user interface and innovative features allow you to manage student and staff data efficiently and effectively, giving you more time to be with your students and educate


This lists all the tasks assigned for the user for the day and the next day and his pending tasks.


This helps to manage, add, edit or delete the student from database.


This helps to manage all the users in the system. This helps to assign or edit role, designation or department to user.


This helps to do all the library function, like issue, receive, maintaining lists etc.

Export to tally/ Quick Books

This helps to maintain accounts updated.

Petty Cash / Fund Management

This helps to update daily usage of money, whether credit or debit.

Invoice Management

This helps payments of the students as well as employees. It generated payroll, sends reminders for payment, generate payment schedules and keep track of payment bookings.

Petty Cash / Inventory Management

This helps to manage sale and purchase for the books or other products in the system.

Course Scheduling

This helps generate schedule for each course and post it to all the users

Kiosk / Kiosk Software

This is the device, which keep users updated of all the personalized scheduled for the individual user.