What is E-Commerce?

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E-commerce is the process of buying and offering goods and services over an Electronic network/media, mainly on the internet. These business transactions arise as business-to-business, business-to-consumer, consumer-to-consumer or consumer-to-business

E commerce management software is behind the scene of every online shop and it makes the store possible to easily manage inventory, add or remove merchandise, calculate taxes, and other things required to manage a website and fulfill orders.

Brilliant E-Commerce software Solution :

Brilliant provides software solutions for E-Commerce businesses which lets you track and manage product inventory, fulfillment of orders and maintain database of stock. It can easily adjust to seasonal fluctuation, introduce scalability and reduces the total cost.

E-Commerce Integration

Brilliant support clients in co-operation with understanding in E-Commerce, massive range of services and big partner network, as well as the long list of interfaces that we have on offer.

Multi-Channel Supportmulti channel support

Brilliant multi channel ecommerce software offers integration options with e-commerce avenues like Amazon, Flipkart, shop clues and many others. Brilliant additionally gives offerings to build & design E-commerce applications. Brilliant permits the user to configure channels, aggregate product parameters, API details with input & output parameters

Manage products: From product names and pictures to SKUs and its variations, eCommerce software program lets store manager to get a higher level view to the specifics without any technical understanding required.

Customer & order management: Managing an order from inception to shipping is critical to the success of each and every business. E-commerce software program helps you to filter by customer, order status, and make changes on the fly. E-commerce software is all-in-one answer that gives you everything you want to construct and run an online store. It make it possible in order to sell products, manage your stock, Accept bills, Deliver orders and Sort out taxes

Key Features:

  • High level security, based on Windows SQL Server
  • 24/7 Support Plan
  • Option to Integrate Order Management
  • E-Commerce Website Design & Integration
  • Standard Integration with E-Commerce Channel & other Application

EDI ( Electronic data interchange ) Integration

Brilliant supports EDI integration which benefits your businesses to save time, faxing and mailing of paper documents as files are stored in a proper digital format. EDI system integrates with ERP system and access the data which is needed to create the documents you need to do business with different organizations. Both your suppliers and clients have specific requirements as they do business. Things like unique pricing, ship-to addresses that are determined when a deal is made and have to be taken into account when transactions take place.

Benefits of EDI :

  • Elimination Of manual Errors
  • High accuracy and security
  • Improvement in speed