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Warehouse Management System(WMS)Brilliant Offer complete Warehousing solutions for small to large ware houses. Brilliant Warehouse solutions offers complete Solution from inventory control, shipping , receiving to order fulfillment and vital to improving the efficiency of a warehouse operations.
Brilliant, offers warehouse management software packages that can be customized to fit the needs of companies of any size. System is fully scalable and expandable to include other modules. Brilliant’s WMS covers entire life cycle related to Warehouse management. WMS enhances to extend enterprise to mobile worker. WMS uses bar coding system which increase operational efficiencies and enhancing customer service.

Our WMS Services

Warehouse Management : A warehouse management system (WMS) is a software application that supports the day-to-day operations in a warehouse. WMS programs enable centralized management of tasks such as Tracking inventory levels and stock locations. No matter how simple or complex the application is, the goal Brilliant warehouse management system is to provide management with the information it needs to efficiently control the movement of materials within a warehouse.

WMS business application : Brilliant offer Ready to integrated Business Application Plug-ins, Based on your requirement this plug-in can be integrated with Warehouse Solutions.  

WMS legacy transition : You needs to retain your proprietary warehouse applications/business logic legacy modernization are the Solution. Brilliant with extensive real world large project experience. 

Voice-directed warehousing :

pick by voice

Now a days the latest technology used in Warehouses is Voice Directed warehousing in which speech recognition is used. This technology is invented in 1990. Scripting languages like Python are used in the voice picking devices. Voice picking devices are compatible for 35-40 languages.

By using pick by voice system in warehouses productivity can be increased by 35% and reduction of errors is 50%. It is user friendly as there is no need to take more training to use this system. By using this, there is also improvement in Business Decisions. With the help of voice collecting devices system ensures right location of the product.

Picking costs are reduced by using voice directed software for the computers which are situated at mobile distance. In voice directed warehouse system workers used to wear headsets which are connected to small palm size computer device. The headset looks like Walkman, which tells the worker where they have to go and which work they have to do in the specific language verbally. After doing the work, workers confirms their work by speaking command also by reading printed confirmation codes on locations or products all over the warehouse. Responses provided by the workers are recognized by speech recognition software embedded into that device.

Voice picking technology in warehouse is used as alternative for paper based system. In this system worker have to read the instructions and scan barcodes or to enter the information to confirm their tasks. VDW is used for picking the orders. Shipping, replenishment, put-away, goods receiving. All these warehousing functions are processed with good co-ordination by voice picking systems.

Implementing voice directed picking in the warehouse has many benefits:

  1. Customer satisfaction is growing due to it.
  2. Increases accuracy of inventory, picking, employee productivity, safety.
  3. It reduces training time of new worker.
  4. Increment in job satisfaction for warehouse associates.
  5. Reduction in cost of printing and picking documents.

Voice picking devices does not impact on health. It is a package of software and hardware. Now days these devices have the facility to support Wi-Fi, Bluetooth. Hence with the help of this, headphones are connected to small palm size device which is connected to host computer. Voice based picking system allows operator to do multiple things at same time and because of this overall Productivity of warehouse gets increased.

Brilliant's Team

Brilliant has highly trained and qualified technical team who are always available to offer assistance and support in integrating the Brilliant management system into your business. And also brilliant has highly analytical reporting skill team and also functional consultant.

Features & Benefits Of WMS

  • Easy To Use

    Keep it simple. Ensure high usability with simple but effective interface for users to navigate. Spend less time feeding your data.

  • Track Sales

    Build long lasting relations with your customers. Increase sales team productivity. Chase less and close more deals. Reduce the risk of irritating your customers.

  • End to End Solutions

    Plug-in modules like Inventory, Billing, Customer support, HR/Payroll and other plugins to your WMS and enjoy the benefits of a mini-ERP to your company.

  • Flexible

    Add custom fields to forms and reports to suit your customized needs. Create custom reports dynamically. Have your own flavor without complexity.

  • Scalable

    Start with the minimum number of modules you need and plug-in other modules with ease as and when necessary.

  • Pay As You Grow

    Brilliant Offer it Services in-Premises as well as SAS model. With SAS you pay for the minimum number of users you have and add users as your business grows with us. Have an affordable solution.

  • En-cash Business

    Automated alerts and invoicing improves revenues from Annual maintenance contracts. Ensure steady stream of cash-inflow from your established customers.

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